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Explore conversational landscapes with AI

Built with Next.js, LangChain, Memgraph, and Orbit

🧰 What does Panoramica do?

Panoramica helps developers build AI-powered experiences on top of conversational data, from data ingestion to graph construction to interfacing with end users and AI.


1. Ingest Conversations

Panoramica pulls in messages from sources like Discord, GitHub, Discourse, and Twitter. Important metadata like actors, mentions, replies, and parent/reply relationships are included.


2. Update the Graph

Nodes are created for every message and actor. Conversation trees are built by creating edges that join parents with replies. In this format, we can do basic graph queries as well as more advanced graph algorithms like Pagerank, shortest path, and community detection.


3. Equip an AI Assistant

Panoramica finds and formats the data so that an AI assistant can correctly assist users with a wide variety of questions and tasks. Based on the user's request, the right data is retrieved from vector and graph databases.


Want to learn more?

If you'd like to try Panormica with your existing Orbit workspace, fill out this form and we'll be in touch.